What is the difference between coaching, consulting & counseling?

Simply put counseling looks toward the past and works on trauma and emotional wounds from your past. Whereas coaching is always looking toward the future, we may reference an issue in the past to help bring awareness for present day decisions, but a great coach is always focusing forward and encourage you in your next steps. A great coach will help you understand you are the expert on yourself and your business. Consulting is bringing in an expert who can tell you what you need to do and how to fix your pain point!

What does coaching with Trudy look like?

Coaching with Trudy is a conversation.  Trudy believes you are the expert on you and you are the expert of the vision for your business.  It is Trudy's job to ask powerful questions and help you discover the things you have been unwilling to address or simply unaware of.  Trudy has been trained in how to ask the right questions to bring you to a place of self discovery.

 Can coaching provide real life answers for real life problems?

Yes! TH Coaching can help you and your business thrive. From leadership strategies to best business practices, we can help you and your business.

Does TH Coaching have solutions for conflict resolution in the workplace?

Yes! Are you a high capacity employee who is having conflicts in the workplace? Maybe you’re frustrated with your boss because you don’t understand why? Maybe you’re the boss and frustrated with “that” employee? Not only is Trudy a certified business coach but she is also a certified communication coach. Let us help you resolve conflict and bring peace to your workplace and your mind!